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Nico Touches the Walls (ニコタッチズザウォールズ ) is a japanese rock band formed in 2004.In the same year ,they won the lotte prize at the Yamaha Teen Musical Festival.Rising,quickly ,they signed to Senya & Co.Their major debut single ,Yoru No Hate was released in February 2008.Their song "Broken Youth" was featured as the 6th theme song for Naruto Shippuden and " Hologram" is the 2nd opening theme song for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood .According to Mitsumura ,the band`s unique name relates "walls" with obstacles in life and the band`s ambition to overcome them,continuing to their own world.


  • Tatsuya Mitsumura (光村 龍哉 Mitsumura Tatsuya) - vocals, guitar
    • Birthdate: 08/09/1985
  • Daisuke Furumura (古村 大介 Furumura Daisuke) - guitar
    • Birthdate: 01/03/1985
  • Shingo Sakakura (坂倉 心悟 Sakakura Shingo) - bass
    • Birthdate: 24/07/1985
  • Shotaro Tsushima (対馬 祥太郎 Tsushima Shotaro) - drums
    • Birthdate: 28/01/1985

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